Tax rebates for film in Africa

The film incentive programme offered by the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) is aimed at strengthening and promoting South Africa’s film and television industry The Foreign Film and Television Production and Post-Production Incentive is available to foreign owned qualifying productions and post-productions as follows: The Qualifying South African Production Expenditure should be at
Co-production is a general term that covers a variety of production arrangements between two or more production companies undertaking a television or film or television project. A ‘co-production treaty’ is an agreement entered into by two separate governments in the field of audio-visual production. The effect of this agreement is that a film or television


Egypt has a thriving domestic film industry and also welcomes a large number of foreign film crews. Classic movies such as the biblical epic The Ten Commandments have been filmed in Egypt, and film enthusiasts will no doubt remember the scene of Charlton Heston, playing Moses and parting the Red Sea. More recently, Transformers: Revenge