Miles Goodall

Miles Goodall (SASC) is known the world over as the man with the miracle eyes, and he has created cinematic artistry with his ability to illustrate a story with beauty and originality and to truly bring a script to life make Miles a highly sought after cinematographer, and ensures that he adds something special to every project he takes on. Over his many years in the industry, he has worked on an array of projects and earned himself local and international revere, for which his countless awards can vouch.

He has received many Best Cinematographer Loerie Awards for spots, including SA Railway Bushmen, Nedbank Arts and BMW Wheat Fields, also a finalist for Cinematography at London Advertising Awards.

He was named the Best Cinematographer at the 2004 South African Society of Cinematographers Visible Spectrum Awards.His work in the artistic black-and-white Investec Private Bank commercial Fork stands as an example of his true visual mastery. The spot received a Gold Certificate Visible Spectrum Awards, the Gold World Medal, Bronze Clio and NTVA Stone Craft Award for Cinematography.

He also received Visible Spectrum awards for BMW On your Mind (Gold), Spoornet Women of Africa (Silver) and AIDS Old Man (Bronze). Old Man also won Best Cinematography at the New York Festival. This Aids Awareness commercial, which he helped to fund, highlights his philosophy of giving back what you get out and as the director, he received a Silver Lion at Cannes and a special commendation from the United Nations at a ceremony in New York. His longer format work includes his documentary on creativity in South Africa Kool South, for which he received the prestigious 20th Century Fox H.E. Internet Jury Award at the Rutger Hauer ‘I’ve Seen Films’ International Short Film Festival. He has worked with director Mukunda Dewil as Director of Photography for South African thriller Retribution and feature film Vehicle 19 starring the late Paul Walker.

He has worked alongside renowned Director Mira Nair on many of her films, including her recent short film ‘A Fork, a Spoon and a Knight’ shot in Kampala and her Disney feature film ‘Queen of Katwe’ in 2015 starring Lupita Nyong’o and David Oyelowo. He is a Cinematography mentor at the Maisha film lab in Kampala, delivering 4 short films under his guidance. Born and raised in Africa, he has the privilege of filming in so many incredible countries with amazing people and magical cultures. He embraces the light and shade of the continent and uncovers beauty where others see none.