Jeremy Goodall

Jeremy Goodall has established himself as a Director and Cinematographer and is found at the top of the preferred lists for influential international agencies. He has been privileged to work with some of the biggest brands and has created some of the best-loved commercials to grace the screens.

Starting as a clapper loader at the age of 17, Jeremy worked his way up to DOP status by the age of 27. From there it was a short leap to becoming a Director and the rest, as they say, is history.

His strong eye for detail and capturing beautiful imagery has allowed him to cleverly interpret storylines with pace and excitement. Add to this is his talent with in-camera improvisation and slick live action stunts with effective post-production techniques and you end up with amazing results.

His strength comes from pure passion, a passion for the creative process which allows the viewer to be a part of another world. His technical abilities and skills have been honed over his 30 plus years of hands-on experience and have made him one of the most sought after Directors and Cinematographers within the commercial world.

“I love the challenge of perfecting every project that comes my way and I feel that my experience is a great asset,” says Jeremy.

With operating bases from Sydney, Johannesburg and Cape Town Jeremy is adept at operating internationally. Goodall says, “My production and creative ideas are totally transportable, so it allows me to operate from literally anywhere in the world, and we have proved this time and time again.”

In today’s “easy come easy go” society, Jeremy Goodall proves that experience within this industry is invaluable and he wears his stripes proudly!