Clive Will

After completing a degree in politics Clive joined the South African film industry, as a runner. He claims that he had always been drawn to the image, still or moving. Part time he studied photography at the Kodak run Market Theatre in downtown Johannesburg. There he was trained in the art of exposure, developing and hand printing images. The South African Camera Guild invited him, to prepare for the rigors of an on set apprenticeship.

On graduation, Clive was thrust into the cauldron of low budget action movies and witnessed many explosions and dare devil stunts. Soon enough the demand for assistants in the fast paced world of TV commercials came knocking.

“As an assistant, I learned huge amounts about production and saw some of the best in the business plough their trade. This was more than a job, it was an opportunity to witness firsthand the process of filmmaking,” Clive.

Inevitably Clive branched out into his own experimental shooting.

His well-crafted spot for Street Universe, a street orphans initiative, garnished him the notice he needed to launch into the professional arena. From here Clive determinedly established a career in the mainstream of the commercial world.