Adam Zurawiecki

Adam Żurawiecki, a director with a visual artist soul and team player spirit. His social science degree helps him to understand the complexity and variety of the market. He enjoys challenges. The love of adrenaline was taken from his early urban sport & video experiences - Adam was once a pro skater!  With over 10 years of experience in advertising, he worked up to a position as creative at GPD, the biggest Polish advertising agency.  He has now directed over 300 TV commercials across Europe & in the Middle East, working with brands like Coca-Cola, YSL, Panerai, Arla, Powerslide & LIDL.

Adam masters directing fashion, food and visual trickery in a modern, fun and seamless way. He admits that directing remains his first and true love, though he continues to develop his skills and passions - currently photography. Shooting motion as well as stills with the most recognizable influencers in Europe he stays up to date with latest trends in the current advertising universe.